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Function Name Remark
abs absolute value

Inputing examples:
y = abs(x);
y = |x|;
acos arccosine (the inverse of the cosine - produces such angle that the cosine of it has the given value)
asin arcsine
atan or atg arctangent
atan2 or atg2 arctangent that takes two arguments: atan2(y, x) denotes arctangent of y/x. The signs of arguments y and x are taken into account, so that a result in the range -π/2 through π/2 is produced.
ceil round to the nearest integer greater or equal to the given value
cos cosine
exp exponential function, exp(x) = ex
floor round to the nearest integer less or equal to the given value
ln Natural logarithm (to the base e)
max max(1, 2) = 2
min min(1, 2) = 1
pow pow(x, y) = xy 

Inputing examples:
y = pow(x, 2);
y = x^2;
y = pow(sin(x), 2);
y = sin(x)^2;

round round(1.4) = 1; round(1.5) = 2; …
sin sine
sqrt square root
tan or tg tangent


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