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It was in my early college, and it was the first time that I came to Suzhou. I went to lunch with several classmates, and we entered a Lanzhou Ramen Eatery.

The landlady asked us what we want, my classmates took their own order, and then I said to the landlady for my order: "I'll have a bowl of Pork Ramen."

Suddenly the landlady went to very angry, she knocked the desk heavily with her ladle and roared at me. I was shocked then and I didn't know what I should do. My classmates came and tried to help me getting out of that trouble by saying to the landlady: "He want to a bowl of Beef Ramen, he want to a bowl of Beef Ramen."

It was not that I didn't know the truth that the Muslims respect the Pig as god. I just lacked practices of communicate with others. 

I will never forget that thing.