Jeff Tian is a Full Stack Developer from Shanghai, China. He is good at OAuth and SSO techniques, and has helped multiple enterprises fix the tricky issues regarding user's logging in, and have decreased 90% efforts on securing applications in the company.

When developing softwares, he recommends TDD and BDD approaches. He wrote many blog articles and is active in the community. Since the increasing impact, he is now getting consultants from variant apps (Zhihu and Wechat).

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After graduating from the Software School of Fudan University with a master's degree in Software Engineering, he worked for both top 500 companies and startups where touched all different kinds of technologies.

His work spaned from frontend to backend, coding to devops and to architecturing.

What I cannot create, I do not understand. Richard Feynman

As a hobby, Jeff Tian authors the most influential technology blog with over 100,000 page views a month. He lives in Shanghai with his beautiful wife and one lovely boy.

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