When opening file explorer in Windows 8, the desktop seems frozen for quite a while until it is opened eventually. 

Opening file explorer in windows 8


Did some searching on internet and found this problem exists in Windows XP as well as other OS maybe.

It is caused by a service called "Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)".


Stop the service "Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)".

  1. Press "Ctrl" + "R" to open the "Run" dialog, and then type "services.msc": 

    Opening "Run" dialog by pressing "Ctrl" + "R"
  2. Locate the service "Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)" in the services list, right click it and select "Properties":

    Locate WIA service in the servies list
  3. In the Properties window, change the "Startup type" to "Manual", then click "Stop" button and click "OK" to close the "Properties" window.
    Stop WIA
  4. Try open the file explorer again, it should be super fast now!